LEOGEN AIR COOLED DIESEL ENGINES are manufactured/assembled in India, under Technical Collaboration with BBDEC, who bought the production permit license of B/FL 912/913/C series of Air Cooled Engines from KHD DEUTZ, Germany, for nearly 30 years. The Production Permit License is expired in the year 2009 and since then these Engines are manufactured with the same Quality without DEUTZ brand. Now the same Air Cooled Engines are manufactured/Assembled in India in LEOGEN brand name with production capacity of 10000 Engines per year.

LEOGEN AIR COOLED DIESEL ENGINES can be applied to varied fields such as Generators, Building Machinery, Engineering Machinery, Agricultural Machinery, Mining Machinery, Special Vehicles, Earth Moving Equipment etc., from 16KW to 120 KW.

LEOGEN AIR COOLED GAS ENGINES are also going to manufactured for Generator application. All the Engines are going to obtain Type Approval for Emission Norms as specified by CENTRAL POLLUTION CONTROL BOARD, DELHI under the provisions of Environment Protection Act of Government of India.

LEOGEN insists on the principles of ‘QUALITY FIRST and CUSTOMER FIRST’ in serving both domestic and overseas customers offering excellent technology and superior quality, with 24x7 product support rendered with a wide network of OEMs and Dealers worldwide.

The advantages of LEOGEN Air Cooled Diesel Engines are:

*LOW MAINTENANCE: Air cooling diesel engine is easy to maintain and keep, because of low number of components comparing to water cooling system and hence low maintenance cost.
*LOW TEMPERATURE START: Air cooling diesel engine can be well started and work reliably even under minus 35 degree, there is no risk of freezing or breakdown and does not require any anti-frozen liquid. No risk of water shortage even in drought or desert or low pressure plateaus. These engines have no water boiling status. The crank case and cylinder liner will not be damaged by direct erosion of cooling of water in maritime salt-alike area or freezing of water in minus degree temperatures.
*QUICK START: Because of Air Cooling diesel engines has the fast warming and good start-up function, it can attain the working temperature in just 5 to 6 minutes to enter the load status and is suitable in high altitude areas
*LOW NOISE: Cylinder liner and crank case are all made in high strength grey cast iron (German standard) with optimal design to reduce the noise and vibration. For that purpose air cooling diesel engine is closed for lower noise as it can be easily closed because of air quantity by the air cooling diesel engine is 1/3 of water cooling engines.